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Did you know?...

Many companies mention Safety in their internal policies and procedures. Without proper shared management and data, non-compliance and "workaround" strategies within organizations put companies at risk daily.

Many times, Safety is managed under a different Division or Business Unit where a "disconnect" would be instant. Many times the Executive Leadership Team is managed differently and independently of the corporate designated provider. Organizations with only North American activity often mistakenly think they are "safe, which is naïve,  given recent airline events, geographical and weather-related events and a pressing international threat to North American comfort levels as they relate to safety.

Areas Affected:

Safety, Policy, Procedures, HR, IT, EH&S, Operations, Travel, Duty of Care, Legal, Finance, Governance/Risk


Did you know?...

Most companies manage less than 20% of their total spend.  In Canada, the airline spend in traditional T&E expense submissions is 18.7%.  Most organizations think that if they manage the air, that is the bulk of their travel, which is not the case.  Where is the other 80%? Companies across Canada spend more on accommodation (22.5%)  and meetings (up to 40%). Mac² Consulting can identify your organizations exact total spend and deliver continuous improvement opportunity for efficiencies and savings, and full transparency of your total spend.

Areas affected:

Policy, Procedures, Accountability, Accounting, Contracts and Vendor Management, Governance/Risk, Compliance, Duty of Care, Communications, Training, HR, IT, EH&S, Legal, Finance


Did you know?...

Governments are not alone in risk of exposure due to non-compliance of Policies.  Organizations globally do not have the resources or executive support to ensure Corporate Reputation and Shareholder value is managed at the Travel and Expense level.  It is widely understood that this category is the second largest controllable spend within an organization, but continues to be viewed as a "necessary evil" to conduct business.  When properly integrated and aligned with core business units, an organization's Travel and Expense Category becomes integral to the success of other Categories. 

Manual expense processes expose the organization  to duplicate payments (or triplicate) to vendors and travellers alike. Let  Mac² Consulting spearhead the acquisition of an automated expense solution that integrates with your on-0line travel solution, virtually eliminating the risk of multiple payments for the same invoice.

Mac² Consulting will ensure internal and external stakeholders and shareholders can rest assured that transparency and accountability have been extended to expense management throughout the organization.

Areas affected:

Governance/Risk, Compliance, Finance, IT, EH&S, Legal, Finance, Operations, Travel, Meetings & Events Management, Contracts and Vendor Management,