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Program Review

Want to be completely satisfied that your organization has a best-in-class Travel and Expense program?  We are happy to provide you with an audit of your program and provide you with a high-level report card with a full Travel and Expense program assessment.  If you are not using your own data as the base-line, you may be missing out on huge opportunities for improvement. 

Category Management

Consideration of this complex and ever-changing category requires full-time and extensive knowledge.  If your organization does not have a dedicated resource to negotiate, purchase and manage costs and processes, we can help. Our unbiased expertise can help your organization to mitigate risk of exposure, fraud or non-compliance.  Ensuring all internal stakeholders are part of the process creates support, education and understanding of your Executive Leadership Team strategy and expectations.  Areas of collaboration and integration come from multiple divisions within your organization and can include any or all of the following: Governance (Duty-of-Care),  Environmental Heath & Safety, Human Resources, Supply Chain, Compliance/Risk, IT, Operations, Finance and Legal.

Strategic Sourcing

For organizations that do not have the time, the resources or the expertise to manage a full cycle tender for Travel and Expense providers, our experts can help.  With extensive experience in Strategic Sourcing, MacĀ² Consulting will identify opportunities, process improvements and savings that will define your organization as "best-in-class".   With unique background, identifying rates, fees, incentives or volumes that can be, or have been contracted, can deliver huge Return on Investment, year over year. 

Full Sourcing services include, but are not limited to:

*  Current and Future State Analysis

*  Stakeholder Engagement and Collaboration

*  RFP Design, Management, Analysis and Recommendation

*  Contract Implementation, Vendor Management

Travel and Expense Specific Vendors can include, but are not limited to:* 

* Travel Management Company

* Corporate Airline

* Corporate Aviation/Charter (Site Logistics)

*  Hotel

*  Car Rental

*  Fleet

*  Corporate Charge Card/Procurement Card

*  Meeting and Event Supplier

*  Meeting and Event Charge Card

*  Automated Travel Booking Tool

*  Automated Expense Management Tool

*  Automated Meeting and Event Tool

Resources - Unparalleled Subject Matter Expertise

Mac2 Consulting has the resources to "hit the road running" and support every aspect of your program.  Our long, or short, term resources provide the experience and  expertise you need to get the job done.  Whether it is implementing a new supplier, conducting an analysis for RFP submissions or managing your Board of Director's Meeting, we are the ones there for you. 

Contingent Resources include, but are not limited to:

* Analysis - Conduct extensive research into your own processes, contracts and procedures to identify opportunities, gaps in compliance, duplicate (or triplicate) payments, adoption rates, RFP responses and financial wins. 

* Vendor Management - Whether it is implementation of a new vendor or addressing changes within an existing program, our experts are your voice with the vendor, ensuring safety, compliance or issue resolution. 

* Expense AuditWith passion and thinking "out of the box", our team's unique background is able to help you to take your program to the next level.  By conducting an unbiased, 3rd party expense audit using your own data, we are able to validate compliance, true spend, risk and deliver opportunities with existing suppliers that you may not be aware of.  Understanding your true data is key to the ultimate success of your program.  Too often, organizations feel that, because they have a Travel Management Company in place, that they have their program under control.  Let us provide you with the real data your Executive Team needs to know, and support your program in ways you did not know could be achieved.  

RFx Management - Our complete Request for Proposal services include the full suite included - or a portion thereof, of the bid process.  Whether you are searching in advance of a bid and need preliminary information, Mac2 Consulting can create the targeted questions needed for your RFI.  You many want to avoid a fully-blown lengthy process and your Supply Chain or Procurement teams would be satisfied with a quote supported by an RFQ.  With the more complex and strategic suppliers, count on Mac2 Consulting to deliver pertinent program questions for your RFP, a full proposal of pricing, services and preliminary contract details.  Backed up by the full Supply Chain processes for analysis, your are assured of the best program savings and services for your Card, Procurement Card, Travel (Ari, Car, Hotel, TMC) and Meeting suppliers.

Policy Review or Write - If you have been tasked to complete this extensive and intensive process, let Mac2 Consulting support you by gathering the needs from all internal departments, assuring every unit or division has been engaged and properly represented in your program.  Apply industry "best practices" and obtain Executive Sponsorship to ensure savings, efficiencies and process improvement have been addressed.